Wednesday, 1 December 2010

4 more new routes to hit North Wales

Full details of these new routes follow link and scroll down

HI Baggy,

Devils Kitchen today, many routes coming in quickly.
Idwal stream as good as I’ve seen in years, great last steep pitch
South Gulley a little thinner that last winter but had lots of traffic today.
Central Gulley - thin, thin and now thinner – bold for a grade three and delicate necky climbing in places. Be careful if this is someone first grate three.
Top Pitch of Grecian could be done now too, looks great.
The Screen, steep and sustained again harder than last winter but plenty there.

The ramp is complete.

Curtain almost in, Devils Pasture looks almost climbable as is.

Devils Pipes, this may be climbable, thin and bold but certainly there.

Appendix forming well as it Cellars and Sting.

Alistair Borret

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