Sunday, 19 December 2010

Coming Out-Not Me Though !!!

Hi baggy

Just quick update, clogwyn du was in great nick over the w/e. We did left hand - looks like got done again today according to UKC. A mate was on El Mancho but apparently they abbed off before the third pitch because the leader wasn't feeling well... turf was great though apparently. Couple of pics attached including a reminder to keep out of the way of flying lumps of ice!

I have lots of time off mid week at the moment but struggling to find people to do stuff with. Do you have email addresses for 'locals' who might be up for some mid week winter stuff?

Ad Booth


For those of you who have followed the blog over the previous two years you will be aware of a man called Al Leary. He was one of those closet winter climbers who would never admit to enjoying the white stuff.

Well things have taken a taken and he has come out, at last.


Wow, what a difference a couple of evenings make ! Total shocker !!
I don't think I've ever seen so much bleedin snow in one place ; It's
like Ogwen Valley has been transported to Scandinavia !!!

Think I may need some help and advice from your audience ? My
previously discussed dark affliction is slowly , but surely returning
and now hangs around my neck like an Albatross.

The winter solstice ( 23.38 pm, December 21 ), is usually the catalyst
and inspiration for a Sun Rock trip. But now, instead of dreaming of
warm, sunny and fully bolted crags, I find myself awaiting the arrival
of an altogether different type of publication !

During the last spell of conditions, I declined the the magnetic draw
of " The Gold Coast ", in favour of another two routes in the shadowy
depths of Idwal ; I even asked to lead a pitch ! ( see attached pic of
Central Route ).

With enthusiasm building up to a frightening level, I pointed Sam at
an unrecorded finish on the upper wall. Fortunately the Wife is a bit
more experienced in these things, and quickly realised it would be far
too hard for myself. Even missing out on our moment of " interim "
fame, I still found myself almost having a good time !

So Baggy, what is to become of me ? I've already winter climbed for 5
months of this year ( which is about the same as my rock season ).
I'm about to run out of fingers to count the routes and I certainly
don't remember the last time this scenario cropped up !

Is all hope lost ? Is darkness ascending ? Has the light faded ?

Best regards from a worried, aspirant " Winter Man


Ramp and screen climbed, thin though, stream in with lots snow on it .

Glyder Fach buried, but fun once you get there and dig in

Grib Goch on Sunday, no tracks at 7.30am from Pen Y Pass and so deep that party turned back on summit

Loads snow walking upto Parsley Fern, what was the point then said

Hard work into Ladders and R/H the only real thing in OK nick

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