Sunday, 19 December 2010

Another new route amongst in the mix

Well this afternoon has been stunning

Various reports have come in many informing me of things being a wade fest.


Snow not stopping Tim Neil, he and Nick Bullock battled the snow on Saturday to do the first ascent of The Good Book. This fine new addition at VI-6 links a variety a sections from a few a rock routes ( which get little summer traffic ) well worth the slog to get there.

Nick Bullock on The Good Book P3

Yo Big Bad Baggy,
Think we did Camus today on Cloggy (Mike Pycroft & myself) but the descripton & photo in the old guide were not in agreement, so it could something else about IV 4! It was a very unpleasant slog up there in crotch deep snow (2hr 15min) & you won't get a vehicle along Victria Terrace, but we saw no one else there. The route was worth 3 stars & was in excellent nick, lots of gear & without too much snow to wade thru'. Views from the top were stunning. By the time of our return the path was also much more pleasant proposition. -8 by the time we got to 'Beris.
All the best,


Rich Stone and the Booth team found , ice fall r/h on the ladders to be in good nick, Found being the word.

Rich also observed a stack of snow being deposited in various locations on the ladders.

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