Friday, 10 December 2010

Well that was good crack

Well folks, what a stellar few weeks, some might say a break will do them good, get back on track, stack the point ups,
re charge and do some work ?

However, it does look like a good thaw has set in and the forecast is for it to stay warm until at least Monday. The amount of snow gone since yesterday is very noticable.

Shame it has not lasted for the weekend warriors, but hey its early doors and there is plenty more to come.

I think we would all agree the last few weeks have been remarkable, not only due to such a good spell early on but with the amount of new new routes having been climbed.

I am aware of approx 30 new routes having been climbed in North Wales over the last 2 weeks. This shows the passion and commitment that is coming out of North Wales and shows that one does not just need to go to Scotland for the winter.

With all these new routes and others there seems a need for a new winter guide ? More news on that on Sunday

The last few days have seen teams on all the main crags with Idwal being packed as the normal. There are other crags folks.

However, one crag which surprised the locals was Craig y Rhaeadr, even more so when Central Icefall Direct came into condition early this week. With this having formed twice this year , yes twice, then there were a steady stream of locals getting that ticked.

For many, this moment was one they had waited for, a long time

One team was Jamie Holding, John Cousins and Chris Forest. Jamie has bouldered the start out in 1978 and Chris Forrest and John had also wanted to do it for some thirty years apiece so you could say they waited ninety years for this one. So a dream achieved, the result ? no doubt their top tick has just been replaced. Lets hope they do not have to wait another 30 years !!

Jamie Holding heading out on to the icicle on Central Icefall Direct on Craig y Rhaeadr. If he does have to wait another 30 years then those Predators will be 46 years old.

You may have got the route of your dream ticked off. If not next time. Here is to next time.

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