Friday, 17 December 2010

12 Inches

Well, we are definitely not short of snow anymore.

Approx 12 inches of snow has fallen at my house between 3.00am and 2.00 pm. I live quite low down and on a bus route. However, their has been no movement, not even a sign of a snow plough. The odd 4/4 has come past. I have not seen such a big dump of snow so low down , before.

Outside my house at 9.00am today

Also the snow is powdery which is often not the case.

Not sure if it would be worth coming up the weekend, as most of the roads are closed today.

Anyway there are some keen bunnies around

Hi Baggy,

Totally wild day today! Took 3 hrs to drive from Shrewsbury (normally 1.5!) then 2hrs+ to wade through knee deep powder to colgwyn du! Clogwyn left hand was in awesome nick. Rapped off before the top because Ed had to get back... Good job; just taken another 3hrs to drive back! Keen for more tomorrow!

Cheers, Ad Booth

Jon Byrne & Geoff Bennet returned after failing to get into Upper Cwm Glas! School was closed so off they headed. Roads impassable without 4x4 or chains. Unfortunately chain on left wheel snapped @ Nant Peris. So they walked up to the "path" and then waded uphill for 1hr 20min. They were still well below the upper cwm & the snow was just getting ridiculously deep. There's so much snow up there you wouldn't believe it was Geoff's words; more like the Alps or Canada! Oh for some snow shoes or skis & skins!

They met a couple of blokes who got into the cwm & then turned round as everything was slushy.

Cheers for Geoff for the report.

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