Sunday, 12 December 2010

Roadside Ice

It just goes to show how keen some of us are, especially when work gets in the way.

Hey Baggy,

I think I may have climbed the most roadside ice route in the country! It's hard to beat. It is near Ganllwyd on the A470 in the South of the park. A new road section has just been built, which meant they had to dig a bit of the land to make room for the road. It has created about a 12m little slabby cragglet with enough drainage to ice up some micro routes that are 2m from the road! Good fun. Ar y ffordd goes at about grade II. I Only managed to do one of the routes after work on the 1st of December, but with another cold spell, there may be opportunity for more.

Steve Parry.

Steve on Roadside Ice

Report from Tim Neil on the Ladders. He went in today and quite a few other folk had the same idea. Cracking morning and it seems just the ice in places that is all that isleft from the thaw.

Today - Eastern Gully on the Ladders

With the cloud free of the summits today it was obvious how much snow had gone. High gullies should give good sport now the temp has gone back down.

Something to whittle the long dark nights way, whilst waiting for the conditions to re form.

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