Saturday, 18 December 2010

18 inches and Jasmin White

Another 6 inches of snow came down here last night, giving 18 inches where I live. Never seen so much snow in Wales.

Snow clearing the 2nd time after the plow had been down

The MET office got their forecast wrong for today, It was a beautiful day and it did not really snow

For me it was another keep fit session, firstly moving snow, secondly a run and finally making the most of the not so good climbing conditions by stacking up some DIY in the bag. So painting with Jasmin white and snow moving has meant a some what alternative day with the white stuff !!

Another picture of the car after Friday nights top up. I cleaned all the snow off Friday, before this dump

Hi Baggy,

Totally wild day Friday! ( Friday ) Took 3 hrs to drive from Shrewsbury (normally 1.5!) then 2hrs+ to wade through knee deep powder to colgwyn du! Clogwyn left hand was in awesome nick. Rapped off before the top because Ed had to get back... Good job; just taken another 3hrs to drive back! Keen for more saturday!

Cheers, Ad Booth

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