Friday, 11 December 2009

Tooled up on a Friday Night

The place to be on a Friday nights is The Beacon. With darks nights upon us, beer prices rising and clubs non existent In North Wales where else better to be. But hey forget those rock shoes and chalk bag, the pump really happens when your tooled up. No shooters here just an array of tools from DMM, Petzel and BD.

It is a true extension of what mixed climbing can throw at you within the UK and another form of training and practise which has been common practice up North with regular events and comps on

With a variety of traverses and 6 bottom rope routes at the Beacon there is plenty to go at. More routes are planned. This is a great opportunity to give it a go if you have never done this indoors. No need to worry about hard grades or not getting routes done just get on and have a play. On the other hand it is a great resource if your into mixed action.

There was a good crack this Friday evening, sharing of ideas, tips and plenty of trying what works and whats spits you off. Better to practice here and see what works, than a 3hr walk in, howling gale, spindrift down your chest, hot aches pulsing through your hands and a frozen belayer. All to find your to gripped to push it out.

With Steve Mayers and Leon well keen to see this work, then get down there. For more info contact the Beacon Climbing Wall

Had pictures to show you what was on offer. However, due to a problem with the camera, these will have to wait to next time.

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