Friday, 18 December 2009

There has been no more snow since yesterday. However, today has been a nice day and really cold. On Angelsey ( at sea level ) pools of water in the shade are icing over and I have been told it was -7 on the tops today. Also it appears the snow is a dusting as I suggested yesterday.

Picture of Snowdon from Fachwen today

Also Al Leary reports in again. There is hope yet Al that you will recover and turn to the dark side once again.

Hi Baggy

Since you are office bound for a few days, I thought I'd give you exclusive rights for the scoop of the day. Ruth Willetts and myself tried to get out climbing today, but were thwarted by a mixture of poor conditions, and unjustifiable objective dangers ! If you ever want to train for safe passage through the White Spider of the Eiger North Face, then I can heartily recommend a quick jaunt down to the sports routes above Llangollen.

As the attached pics show, it was quite a nice day ( albeit a touch chilly ), however, a fascinating Pre-Alpine phenomenon was happening. As the sun thawed out the frost, rocks loosened and rained down with frightening regularity ! As part of your public spirited web info service, we thought you'd probably want to know about this ; And of course, did we press on through these hazards with "North Wall Eyes " towards Alpine glory ? , did we bollocks ! Sound mountaineering judgement dictated a retreat butty to Lord Newborough"s cafe. And who says I'm not a mountaineer ?

Photos below, show the mixed nature of the crag, the thin ice smears we encountered and the alpine approach terrain encountered.


Alos Rob jonson has been out with Jim from his mentor Scheme and they visited Nameless Cwm. Clogwen Ddu is quite black, but they did find old neve and new ice to play on and also climbed Hidden Gully.

Clogwen Ddu


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