Friday, 14 December 2012

will it ? won't it ? and another new route

Wednesday,  whilst the masses where elsewhere,  Lee and I had the mountains to ourselves over in the Carneddau.

Being another stella day we decided to go up the Craig Daffyd to climb Central and R/H Trident with another small game plan. 

The game plan paid off as we climbed a short new route which we named Being Frank IV-4 . This takes the most obvious and challenging line through the buttress that splits Hidden Gully and Wayword Prong.

The question now is, with reports of snow lying low this afternoon will there be conditions on Saturday.  Considering the forecast today which may be a little incorrect then what do you have to loose. I will leave that one upto you. 

Myself,  I am on other duties so that makes my decision an easy one.

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