Saturday, 8 December 2012

Theatre of Dreams & 1st new route of season

Those of you who are footy fans will be aware that the Man United ground is often referred to as the Theatre of Dreams. Have to admit,  I am not one for men kicking a ball around being paid obscene amounts of cash, but that's my view. I am often taking the micky out of a friend of mine who is a avid Man United fan about the Theatre of Dreams, but actually liking the term. Well I found a more suited use.

What I can say is that the real Theatre of Dreams is right hear in North Wales.  It is North Wales in winter mode. This is the place that dreams are realised and memories made.

This last week has seen a great start to the winter season and all that passion from climbers is already oozing out. The forums are alight, the blogs up and running and the psyche is back.

4 ascents of Travesty, lots of the easier routes climbed, mid grade mixed routes climb and our first new route of this season. It all came out of nowhere. Routes such as Banana Gully and C gully on Y Garn and Torquing Shit or just a few examples of routes climbed today.

Personally, I  have time to get out the last few days  but have be held back which has proved frustrating.  With a a tweaked Achilles after caving mid week one decided better to play safe, especially as I have  another days caving work in the Peak on Sunday, followed by some roofing work on Monday.

Injuries never come at a good time, hopefully I can nip this one in the bud early.

With such a grand morning today, my trip to the climbing wall to get some training in was a hard one to stomach. The inevitable wait was on for the texts to come in this afternoon. That brings me back to that new route. My partner for today was Rich Stone until I let him down at 7.00 am this morning. That never stops Rich , so off on his own,  he only went and soled a new route. Achilles Heal came in at IV-V on good quality turf and rock giving 2 pitches. Thanks for that text rich B!!!!!!!!!.

So the first new route of the season has been claimed unless you know otherwise ? More will follow I am sure and quite a few of them hard and above VI.

The weather looks more promising from Monday/Tuesday onwards, with good reason to expect some decent conditions.  So the desire and passion to get out for will still be there. I have a funny feeling the crags will be busy mid week.

Hope many of you had a good day out today and managed to feed that rat for the first time this season.

On the subject of terms, I notice one blog is backed up by the statement
Dribblings from a bloke who quite likes climbing but cant really be arsed training.
Lets hope he does not train as he climbs grade VIII already !

Finally my kit begging to be used. Only quality pics on this blog.

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