Sunday, 16 December 2012

Feeling wet wet wet

Afraid to say that the weather is  a little wet here in North Wales. After such a promising start things do look poor. With warm temps forecasted for the coming week, if those prove to be correct then I doubt there will be much left.

Driving up the Ogwen this morning ( when pics were taken ) snow was still very much hanging around in the gullies of recent good venues such as  Y Garn and Nameless. This evening I was surprised to see how much snow was still in Cwm Lloer.

If temps did manage to hang around freezing in these venues then many of the easy gully lines will hang in there for the time being.

Looks like my trip up to Craig Daffyd on Wednesday climbing Central and R/H Trident with  a short new route Being Frank IV-4  was my last outing for the foreseeable future unless the easy gullies hang in.

On that subject,  one route which was not reported last season was another line on Craig Dayffd. With few lines left, Lee and I managed an independent line between Sangram and MR- P’s Last Great Problem. The first pitch delivered a slightly steeper crux than it  looked, giving a nice sequence of moves on the crux, mainly on turf.   The 2nd pitch climbed a parallel crack, splitting a short steep wall with a mixture of face climbing then some back and footing. Burning The Midnight Oil came in at VI-6

Last week a few ascents of the girdle of Trinity Face were done. For more info on girdles in Scotalnd, Lakes and North Wales follow the link

One last thing, check out this link for some cool updates and great shots of recent events up north. Some cracking new lines done in the last few weeks. Take time to scroll through posts. Great Blog Simon.


Glyder Fach


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