Thursday, 6 December 2012

Back and fresh snow on the hills

Since returning this afternoon from my mini break to Yorkshire looks like a fair bit of snow has landed. Reports of skinning and skiing on the Carneddau sound good.

A variety of rocky/mixed routes have been climbed and some of the cliffs look very white from the pictures I have seen.

I reported the other day that routes on Snowdon are not going to be in nick at the moment, but folk still seem to be going up there. Most routes require neve and good snow conditions.

I would say a good amount of snow has fallen high up this afternoon and looking at the forecast things should quoted down Friday.

At least the weekend looks worth a visit up here. One thing a lot of turf is going to be buried and it does not sound as there is a lot of that frozen at the moment.

Moving onto a Scottish theme

There will be the inaugural Scottish Winter Climbing meet held this Feb in Fort William.

This is supported by the MCofS and is a social and get together for all folk into Scottish Winter Climbing.

Its hoped that it will become an annual event and can be hosted at different venues throughout Scotland in future years.

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