Thursday, 15 January 2009


This man, some of you may know ? His name is Al Leary, yes we may be in debt for his all hard work and enthusiasm in view of the Llanberis and Ogwen Guides by the CC. However, today he was caught talking about winter climbing. This can only imply one thing ? he needs helps. Looking at this photo can only reinforce this. This man hates opening the fridge as its cold.

So please, if you see him, take custody of him and remove him to somewhere warm and sunny. I am sure once there he will come round. Good luck

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geoff b said...

This man was last seen climbing outdoors in a down jacket on Gogarth (when all self-respecting folk were on the ice) & was last heard of heading for the Beacon in self-same jacket having consumed heaps of hill food (aka chips)!
geoff b