Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Years Day

Went into Idwal this morning with a friend of mine Dave. I was not very hopeful and as you can see the pictures show that there is little there and not really in condition. So we went for coffee.


geoff b said...

Much the same story today
02/01/09. Idwal Stream was good enough for a quick solo outing, & some folk headed off to have a look at Central Route. Devil's Cellar looks close to condition as do the two routes next to the Kitchen descent. Cwm Cneifion has plenty of ice on the left side; Tower Gully, Slabs & Nameless Face but Clogwyn Du is bare. Still enough for some fun.
Good to see someone is trying to provide a local update on conditions; good on you.

geoff b said...

Things are improving daily; today (Sat 03/01/09)the ice was thicker than yesterday. Heaps of folk on Idwal Stream which looked considerably better than yesterday. Central Route was fine; thick enough to take screws up to 15cm. The Screen got a couple of ascents, the Ramp too & we found Devil's Cellar in good nick; lots of chanderliery stuff to knock off the crux but it was still solid. choices of two finishes on to the right-hand variant. The back of the Kitchen itself is nearly there as is the Curtain.
Are you aware of any direct finishes off Central Route there look like some interesting possibilities!
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
Geoff B

Mark Baggy Richards said...

Hi Geoff

Many thanks for your replies and comments. Makes my job a lot more easier. I will get this on the blog. Thanks for taking the time

All the best.

Hope you enjoyed yourself