Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Ice ice Baby, not really

I went for a drive up the Pass today. Nothing is really in. ( Sargents has been done ) All to thin, even Face Route which is reliable is not there. However, there are lines froze which I have not seen froze for some years. There were folk around in winter climbing kit though ?

Went for walk into Idwal. Nothing really going there ( Idwal Stream is in and being done ) all routes quite thin.( See pictures )

Apparently Berwyn a friend of mine ( said there was a team on Central Route when he walked passed in the cwm, this looks thin in pictures

Rob went for a walk to Aber Falls ( see )

Seems to me its all very cold with no cycle happening and not much water around when it got cold. Time will tell.

Idwal Lake was frozen enough to walk over and give some intro climbing lessons ( Mia Richards in pink and Josie Ball in blue one of the UK,s up and coming rock stars )

Happy New Year and fingers crossed for more winter conditions.

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