Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dixon reports in

Spoke to Nick Dixon today in regards Blenderhead. He was chuffed that climbers had tried to repaet his route and even more pleased that we all said it was hard.

He said it was the hardest route he had climbed at the time, but felt giving it VIII-8 was not something he could say at the time. However, he did say that his route the Angels Pipe in Cwm Idwal is a grade harder then Blenderhead so theres a challenge.

No doubt Nick climbed this in his wellies maybe thats why he thought it was hard !


Ian McNeill said...

I thought reported soon after the day the rout was called " the angels tear " rather than pipe.
I did have photos of the first pitch some where - I will have to did them out soon?

we watched Nick and Gwion finish in the dark after we had done south gully...

Mark Baggy Richards said...

Thanks for e mail. You could be correct. I have Pipe in new routes list. However this came from Petes. If you can dig out the picture, scan it and send it. I will get it on Blog.


Mark Baggy Richards said...

Hey is that you Ian ? If so How are things ?