Monday, 19 January 2009

Update and something to look forward to one day

It snowed today around lunchtime and there was a fair bit of snow, even down to 100m,s. The mountains definitely look white, more white than the last time it snowed two weeks ago.

Not sure how hard the ground was before this snow, my thoughts not hard at all. Also, we have had a lot of rain over the last few days, with some of this as a light dusting of snow high up .

I will be away for 3 days as from Tuesday evening so will not be able to update blog. The forecast is showing, snow flurries and covering at times, SW-S winds and temps up and down but with a freezing level quite high ( 900m ) at times, so this looks like it may be warm. Currently I would not get excited with this forecast.

However see picture of Aber Falls in 1996 the last time it froze ( I Believe ? ) Something for you to look forward to, one day !

Perry Hawkins - Picture by Al Leary ( Secret Closet Winter Climber )

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