Sunday, 4 January 2009

Idwal is forming - Sunday 4th Jan

Went into Idwal with Dave Brown today. Things have changed over the last 3 days for the better, ie more ice. Solo Central Route - this is grade III currently and it has good ice ( top pitch is not there ). Next, solo the Ramp, good ice again considering conditions and grade II- III, onto the Curtain next. This was grade IV today and not as fragile as it looks. After this we did the Screen, ice was wet but good, then finally over to the Devils Cellar. This is in great nick, 2 really good pitches, with really good ice and good gear. A great Welsh Ice route.

It was warmer in the Cwm then of late. However, this is good as it will help the build up of ice.

You could climb the Sting if your happy leading grade V and the routes over by the Trench are climbable

Theres lots of talk about the Appendix. This will not happen for many days

Looks good weather for next 3-4 days so plenty of scope

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