Sunday, 11 January 2009

Its absolutely fowl here in North Wales. If any real hardy person has been out and achieved anything drop us an e mail and photo. I for one decided it was a cappuccino day.

Also,  if any one climbed any ice outside of Idwal last week and does not mind sharing the info, then send me some pictures regardless of grade.



geoff b said...

Was chatting with Chris Forrest at the weekend & he wondered if El Mancho was a tad easier than Manx Wall? He did the former on Tuesday last week & the latter back in April. Mind you maybe knowledge of the shared moves on to the ledge at the top & subsequent thin moves helps? How's that for putting the cat amongst the pigeons?!
Geoff B

Mark Baggy Richards said...

Hi I have heard Manx wall maybe harder in view of first few pitches. It is on the list to do next. Mind you I would assume that when Chris did Manx Wall last April it may have been more snowed up. However, Chris is very handy and a switched on cookie