Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Routes On Glyder Fach - 6th Jan

Another cracking day in North Wales. Today I teamed up with Gaz Davies for another visit to Glyder Fach. The plan was to go back and try a few new lines I had spied back in November 08. I did try one then, However, on that occasion the turf was not really froze so I backed off. No issues with that today, it was all like iron.

In view of Idwal, driving up the Ogwen this morning many of the ice routes were looking a lot more white in colour from the road than previously. Snow cover was at about 400ms. My advice, if its cold on the weekend then get up very early.

Unfortuantley I am work until sat, which is a real shame as its so good.



Unknown said...

Pictures of the mixed ground on Glyder have caught my eye, what grade did your lines go at?

Mark Baggy Richards said...

RH AT IV - 5 middle at IV -5 rock route V-5

have fun if it stays cold