Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saturday 3rd Jan

Idwal seems the place to go currently. There seems to be a little more ice than when I was last there. It sounds as if things are slowly coming into nick.

Here is a report from Geoff who was in there today

Things are improving daily; today (Sat 03/01/09)the ice was thicker than yesterday. Heaps of folk on Idwal Stream which looked considerably better than yesterday. Central Route was fine; thick enough to possibly take screws up to 15cm. The Screen got a couple of ascents, the Ramp too & we found Devil's Cellar in quite good nick; lots of chanderliery stuff to knock off the crux but it was still solid. choices of two finishes on to the right-hand variant. The back of the Kitchen itself is getting there as is the Curtain.

Also Berwyn Evans went on Idwal Stream today and reported not to bad conditions ( see pictures at

Finally the south side of the pass is not in and there is less ice than on Wednesday. Sargents and Parsley Fern are the ones in the pass to do

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