Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wet windy and warm

Well I hope you all enjoyed xmas and things went well.  The weather here in North Wales has been very windy, wet and warm. Tues 27th was a nice day, with very little rain and lighter winds. However, the hills are bare of any signs of snow.

No doubt many of you now have the time to get out onto the hills, if only there were any conditions. Looking back to last winter it was a similar theme.  Just after xmas the thaw set in. However, we did have a fair amount of snow on the hills and once the temps dropped on Jan 2nd certain routes came back into condition.

Looking back on Xmas 010 things were different. We were in a spell of very good and cold conditions with many ice routes in nick.  There was the opportunity to claim some fine routes, such as the 2nd ascent of Terminator.

Lets hope conditions start to build again. I suppose we have all got used to very good recent winters. The previous 3 years have delivered very good conditions over November and December.

As many of you are aware,  the forecast until next Monday is a mixed bag of wind and warm temps apart form a short period today which will result in nothing really. After next Monday, well that is too far ahead in my view as things often change.

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