Monday, 5 December 2011

The buzz has started

Even though we only have a dusting, I have already had quite a few e mails, giving updates and pictures. So thanks for these and seems the blog is up and live again, i.e winter reports once again coming in.

This morning [Monday]the hills had a little more snow and lower down to about 500ms.

Black Ladders area Monday morning.

Snowdon on Monday morning

The day delivered a few more snow and hail showers with this picture and report from Hew Gilbert this afternoon.

Heh Baggy,

I took a speculative look into Cwm Glas this morning.[Monday ] Clogwyn y Person Arete was all good fun, As expected little ice is forming and none of the turf was frozen, mind you our route was all rock.

Think we'll have to wait a while for anything other than these non-turfy buttress routes to come in, at least it's a start though. As I used to think before the mini ice age 'anything before Christmas is a bonus'.



[ Huw Gilbert Collection ]

Rob Johnson was also out on Tryfan enjoying the first snow fall.[Pics Rob Johnson Collection ]

We headed up the North Ridge of Tryfan (1) which gave a brilliant day out in the current conditions. It has been snowing on and off all day down to about 500m. As we reached about 700m we hit the freezing level and where the route had been wind scoured it was quite icy. The turf was frozen above about 800m and we wore crampons for the upper third of the route. These are typical early season conditions the best sport is to be had on the ridge lines, the iced up cracks and unconsolidated snow make for good fun!

Y Garn from Tryfan

North Ridge of Tyrfan


Tuesday more snow fell high up, but reports of it being a little warmer.

Simon Verspeak popped up Snowdon [ see below ]

Rob Johnson also went up Snowdon today [ Tuesday ]

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