Friday, 16 December 2011

the buzz is boiling

As you may be aware, snow has fallen over night and also today at times. Reports indicate quite snowy and windy conditions higher up. Snow was down to road level in Ogwen.

Matt Stygle and Kath Bromfiled got out on Thursday and did the second ascent of one of my and Gaz Davies routes from last year. HP.

Andy Turner and Ruth Taylor were out today but found the routes they were wishing to climb, not in proper nick. Higher up the turfy grooves Andy found the turf was not frozen all over and this not only meant patchy conditions but not really in the spirit of things. Pushing turfy routes in anything but perfect conditions means damage to vegetation and loss of turf. Something, many climbers wish to preserve in North Wales.

Conditions from the Northen Corries seem like theres lots of snow to contend with.

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