Friday, 23 December 2011

Trying to keep in shape

With all the thought of winter climbing off the agenda and the rain beating down, it was an ideal day for a trip to the beacon to get some training in.

It was good to see that many of the holds were white !!!!!! which helped give the feel of winter whilst using the fig of fours.

Even more white looking down

Not everyone feels comfortable using the fig of fours, but they can give you a good pump where you need it.

Leading with them helps add to the entertainment value.  However, It does seem strange using rock shoes, ideally using your boots would be better but most climbing walls are no keen on this.

Things were going well, with me on the fig fours and big Tim in a more conventional mode. This all ended when team strong arrived in terms of Nick Bullock, Streaky and Dave Rudkin.  For some reason ??? the banter started flying  around, with much of it in the direction of the me and the fig a fours. 

If you have never give them a go, then I wood suggest trying them out.

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