Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Oh so steep

With no conditions then the only option is to go training. For me,  this is proving a shock to the system at times after such a long lay off due to injury. So what better way to get a good pump on than to get on a overhanging M7+ mixed route !!!. Getting up it was another matter, mind you Big Tim and Nick Bullock  showed me the way.

Just look at those hooks !!!!

Nick lapping Ibex for the 3rd time in a row before moving onto the other routes.

Start of Ibex

That nice Mr Panton of Ground up and V12 has done topo follow the link.

There has been a constant flow of climbers visiting the quarries for the dry tool routes this week, all trying to get some training in, have some banter and take the issue of such bad weather away for a short time.

These routes will either get you very fit or make you walk away feeling very weak, which ever way its all good crack. If you go here you really do need mono points , blunt axes you can get away with as the easier routes !!! have very good hooks.  Axes without double handles will just make you try harder.

There really does not look like much change in the weather for the next week. Small pockets of colder weather but nothing to get excited about.

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