Monday, 12 December 2011

Back to square 1 as they say, so summer and Dorys

This morning the hills were quite bare, apart from a few places really high up, I doubt there is much snow. However, the forecast does indicate snow showers over the next few days along with the freezing level below the summits. This should start the build up again.

Snowdon Monday afternoon 12th Dec

Without much winter talk, I got into a conversation about Craig Dorys and thought I would share some summer action which happened there this year. Not every ones idea of a nice day out cragging is our Dorys. But some think otherwise.

One chap in the mix for this type of climbing is Nick Bullock and one of his favourite crags came in for some love this summer.

This news piece gives you an idea of what he calls a day out at the seaside.

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