Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kids Everywhere ! and a little more snow

Decided to head to the Beacon Climbing Centre today [ Sunday 4th Dec ] to get on some of the longer routes with the Fig of 4's.

Arriving there we found the place packed out with youngsters as the selection for the new Academy was underway.

Not only that, but with so many parents there, the abuse we received for using the Fig of 4's was quite full on. Good job most of it was just banter , we think ?

So, no pics of us cranking it out on the overhangs as photos were banned due to the youngsters. However, there were a crop of the old guard there taking the role of judges, looking all official with their clip boards . Jonny Ratcliffe from Indy Wall was there, pretending to be a judge, when we all know he was trying to enter, suggesting he looked young enough.

In the end it was the bouldering wall for Rob and me, so much for longish routes today.

However, great to see some many youngsters though, enjoying themselves and making routes/problems so easy.

Also an update from Simon Hollaway in view of snow conditions. He was out on the hill and reported a thin covering down to approx 800ms.

North Wales Climbing Academy.

The stated aims of the academy are: ‘to develop children and young people, within any climbing discipline, ensuring the young climbers are happy, safe and prepared to compete successfully at a national level."

The Youth Academy will provide coaching sessions for talented young climbers, offer a coach development program and a structure for coaches and young members to attend masterclasses. The Beacon Climbing Centre has offered to organize and host the Academy for the general fortnightly sessions and will be running a competition in early December to start the process of recruiting talented young climbers.

The establishing of a North Wales Climbing Academy is particularly timely in the light of competition climbing, either as bouldering, lead climbing or speed climbing, being one of eight sports that is being considered for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. A final decision is due to be made by the International Olympic Committee in 2013 when it meets in Buenos Aires. It could even be a young climber from the Academy that goes go on to represent Britain at the 2020 Games.

Anyone wishing to support the Academy in anyway should contact Mark at the Beacon Climbing Centre on 01286 650045.

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