Saturday, 6 February 2010

Catch 22 ! I chose the dark side

With the forecast showing a good day for Saturday and clear skies on Friday it was obvious it was going to be cold Friday night. That was the case with a frost this morning and more clear skies.

Going up high to the Nameless Cwm or Snowdon one would find really good neve today. However, being in the lucky position of having climbed on Snowdon/Nameless Cwm many times in winter and the fact that Al Leary had moved over to the dark side this winter then it was only fair that I repaid the debt.

Therefore, off I went to North Wale's Costa Del Sol (aka - Tremadog ). It all felt so strange, using one fingers to climb and having the sun beating down on us, it was T shirt time by mid day and no wind. Even better, Eric opened the cafe, winner in ever sense. It really did feel like an early summer day.

So the dark side for me today, having been rock climbing. Hopefully it will be shorted lived, not sure what the attraction is AL, maybe you will have to show me one day.

Clear skies here again and the forecast for Sunday is freezing level at 8oom, so looks a good day in store for those of you hoping to bag some classic winter gully lines on neve.

On a final note the forecast up to thursday is showing freezing level at 300-200m each day. Bring it on. It we have this and then some snow, its on its way back.


Hi Baggy,

Clogwyn y Garnedd (Snowdon) - 6th February

After a clear night, an early alarm call and frost on the car, Tim Jepson, Dodie Palmer, John and Sarah Peake were amazed to find that they were the only people climbing on Wales' highest cliff this morning. Cave Gully and Central Trinity were in excellent condition with good neve and short ice pitches. Hundreds of walkers on the summit, lots in t-shirts and trainers; we felt a little self-conscious with all the 'right' gear!

Tim Jepson

Snowdon today

Cave Gully


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