Thursday, 12 February 2009

Spoke to a friend of mine who had been in Idwal this afternoon. He supplied some pics (see below) to give an idea of conditions. Based on this, I went up this evening after work to tick a few routes I had not climbed before.

I soloed, Sting Ray IV (Left of the Sting), Devils Kitchen IV, Coldhouse Crack III and got half way up Grecian IV before going into reverse thrusters, as the Pillar seemed very hollow ! There were quite a few head torches in the cwm when I left.

Whilst on these routes I came across many teams. In particular Jon and Vernon from Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the 3 musketeers ( Thats what they called themselves ) Thanks for all of you being as polite to let me through. Whilst talking to these teams it was apparent they had come from all over. One of the musketeers had traveled from Chichester this morning, nearly a 7-hour journey each way for a day out ! He had even hired axes from Peglers Outdoors. With this commitment I would let him have them for free Dave !

Freezing level was above the crag when I left and it was raining. There is a thaw on, but as there is a lot of ice on many routes, these are currently holding out quite good. Forecast is coldish this evening and maybe Saturday then temps above the summits.

Vernon Bayliss on Devils Kitchen IV ( quite Poky for the grade today ) . He was on a day trip with Jon both from Ashby de la Zouch

The 3 Musketeers

Idwal this afternoon

Devils Appendix this afternoon( Climber on first pitch near bottom )

The Sting, Sting Ray and Devils Cellar this afternoon

The Ramp and Screen this afternoon

Berwyn had a very quick trip up Central Trinity this morning - just before the weather came in. Conditions were great with near perfect neve on the upper section of the route. I was surprised to see so little snow in the other classic lines though as I had hoped to climb Right Hand Trinity or Great Gully but these proved to be a bit too lean to solo.

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