Thursday, 5 February 2009

It is getting good and I am told not to forget Scotland !

Conditions are really starting to shape up. With the forecast being good and cold until end of next week then I would try and get out as much as you can. If your wondering in regards to the weekend then try and get to North Wales.

Just in from Big Tim, Chicane Gully and South Gully in Idwal are in good nick. Also Geoff did Face Route last night.

Keep posting the comments folks as its a great resource for all.


In addition to this, some friends of mine who are up north for the season, sent me an e mail telling me not to forget that winter also exists up north, having recentley climbed 2 of Scotlands top ticks. These should help wet the appetite.

Lee Roberts on Stirling Bridge Annoch Mor

Route Two on the Ben

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