Monday, 10 January 2011

Wet and Windy and another few new routes

It is a wet and windy day here today. 

Anyway more news of the weekend

Looks like Flanders had a few ascents Phil Dowthwaite and Paul Warnock climbed it on Saturday, again reporting good quality.

Yo Baggy

Climbed a new route around Cannon Fodder & Artic Fox area with Greg Cain & Torquil Bennett on Saturday.

Battle of the Bulge VI+  3,5,6,3,6  (perhaps VI as the gear was pretty shoddy in places & it was pretty sustained on pitch 3). 
Greg led thru' the crux rock bulge on pitch 3 (I got the turf bulge on pitch 5!); a balsy effort from the young lad.

All the best Geoff

Hi Baggy

Thought that I might take a good look at mixed climbing and see what all the fuss was about before the thaw. 

Myself and Simon White headed up Fallen Block Climb on Crib y Ddysgl. Flippin brilliant, not climbed often or maybe ever in winter I guess. Four good pitches and never a bad move on it. First pitch is poss 5 but really good. Loads of secure feeling hooks and torques. Reckon the pitches go at 5,4,3,4. 


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