Sunday, 9 January 2011

Another good fine day in Wales

With a good frost overnight and the wind dying off, Sunday was on for a good day. With the turf bomber, neve bomber and loads of climbers armed with the New Winter Guide it was a recipe for some quality climbing.

Lots of people out climbing classic ice, as well as Pyramid Buttress, Imminent Conflict, Gallipoli, Western gully and Geoff and team forging new ground right of Arctic Fox. Beautiful late afternoon light too.

Cheers Tim

Saturday was also another good day in the Park.

Mark Walker bagged Flanders saying what a great route it was.

Stu and Ben Sat afternoon on the Ladders. They climbed Pyramid Gully- quite tricky first pitch at present.

Lots of e mails saying how good Trinity and Nameless Cwm has been over weekend.

Seems like it has been a quality weekend in Wales.

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