Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dim Parcio

Hi Folks

Had this message sent to me on Sunday by a local climber who was happy to put his name to it, but I felt that was not required.

Hey Baggy. 

On the walk back to Gerlan ( Sunday ) we passed 2 cars parked in "Dim Parcio" lay by, just a short walk from the village. Both of them had full length key scratches down the sides. Highly likely as a result of where they parked.  It's very clear in your guide, on your blog and on the wall beside the layby that parking problems are a major issue. 

These two car owners have been pretty badly penalised, but it's fair to say that it is their own fault. Maybe you could include some of this text in you next blog, just to remind and wake folk up a bit. 

An extra 5 minutes on the walk in and out to the Black Ladders is bugger all!!!

I then received this message this evening

Had a great day on Icefall gulley on the ladders yesterday ( Sunday )  but was sad to return to a vandalised car parked outside Gwaun y Gwiail farm on Gerlan road. Someone had gone to great length to scratch two cars! What can we do? 

There is a problem and its even worse on weekends as the locals do not go off to work. The situation is one we as climbers must try and sort out.

I am not one for making a judgement on the blog as that is not what it is about. 
( Unless I am raving about the guide !! ) However, I do feel we should give consideration to other cars and users of the road in Gerlan as this time action was taken. I am not saying that action was appropriate but we need to understand the local issue.

I did raise the issue with the BMC last winter, with no outcome,  I will contact them again this week so what they think. However this issue of parking at Gerlan has been around and discussed for at least 10 years to my knowledge

The best way is not to block the road, not park in the passing places, not park where it says no parking, arrive after 7.30 midweek and leave before 5. and do not park in crazy places. 

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