Sunday, 5 February 2012

With Saturday's forecast being one of change, with warmer temps, rising freezing level and rain as the day progressed,  then where to go on Saturday posed more of a ?.

In the end, I visited an area I have had in mind for sometime.  Glyn and I climbed the first ascent of a rock route. Diff in summer and now IV-5 in winter. Not a long route , 90ms max in 3 pitches,  not a bad choice considering the weather on the day.

It was raining as we topped

Spectral Wall was climbed today up on Glogwyn Ddu

The forecast for Sunday was freezing level at 700ms. However, it seemed very warm this morning outside the house. The hills have been covered in cloud when i have been out so I have been unable to see how much snow may have gone.

Glyn on first pitch

Get training -  something very different, very hard, just  follow the link. Quite amazing what is being done these days.

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