Friday, 10 February 2012


The last few days have been a lot warmer, damp and wet at times. However, it has gone colder this afternoon.

Today the hills have been covered in cloud so it has been difficult to see how much snow has gone high up. Lower down ( 700ms approx, as high as  I could see today ) most of snow has gone and the hills look very black/green.

My assumption would be that only gullies will be climbable, but these should have improved again now the temp has dropped again. Any ice that survives should also be ok.

With temps lower over the weekend then this is great news for the climber. At least there are routes to climb.

It also looks good into next week, with some snow on the way possibly, which will help with the crags and some freeze thaw looks like it is on the cards

Also Spectral Wall went free, check out V12 news for full details

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