Monday, 20 February 2012

Short Glimmer of Hope

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of updates. I have been in Rujkan in Norway enjoying fine weather a great ice.

If you have never been there then I suggest you look into a trip there. With the average walk in 15 mins !! and access to loads of routes from UK 3 ( WI 2 ) then it is one of those climbers can call paradise.

Norway is expensive, but if your careful and go as a team of four then it is well worth it. In addition to this, it was so quite most days having the crags to ourselves.

A few pics of Norway

A quick route on the way back to base , this is road side and the picture was taken form the car

The team after a hard day  out

So much fun !!

North Wales -  A short glimmer of hope 

In view of the weather closer to home, then the forecast has given a glimmer of hope. The hills were white down to 600m but this afternoon temps were plus 8 at 200ms.

I have no idea what the temps or ground has been like,  as I arrived home this morning. However, the forecast from today is very warm, so that means no winter climbing in Wales for the moment.

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