Saturday, 27 October 2012

Things Alaska

You must check this link out. This gives you a fine example of the climbing to found in Alaska. Scroll down a little to the video link

Watching the lads climbing that impressive, breath taking and superb corner system made my palms sweat.  It also reminded me of my time in Alaska climbing the stunning Shaken Not Stirred route on the Moose's Tooth. 800m of pure joy, up an impressive gully splitting the mountain face.

Even better was the 20 min approach by ski, its the way to go.

Memories are either great or depressing depending on how you view them. You look back and think of the great times, the emotions, the suffering,  the victory or you just remember those trips for all those reasons whilst not actually having any plans for going anywhere exciting. Even worse you read of all the trips that other climbers are going on.

I hate lectures and very rarely go anymore.  In fact  one of the last talks I went to was back at the Birmingham Arena in the Mid 90's. Well I went to see 3 as I was working at the outdoor show.

Leo Holding I switched off, Andy K just made me cringe, wrong audience that day. However Paul Pritchard stole the show, reading from his then book captivated me and most of the audience like nothing before. Quality and inspiring.

Talking of Alaska and talks. I have been asked to do a few talks on my adventures to Alaska for mountaineering clubs in the Midlands. So November it will others who can criticise my talks and either be bored or inspired. Its a tricky game delivering to a varied audience and ticking all the boxes.

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