Sunday, 7 October 2012

Costa Del Eric's

At last, some decent weather.   Well it had to be Costa Del Tremadog today, with light Northerly winds and sun forecast where else in early October. ?  

Having spent the last two days on the couch, watching too much TV and too many DVD’s, having picked up a bug doing the rounds it was nice to be out.

I was delivering a bespoke coaching and instructing day for a group of mountaineering club members.  Six guys arrived promptly at Eric’s café for 9.00am.  Working in pairs for the day meant I hired in Berwyn and Bryn and we quickly headed of to get the day underway.

My team climbed Yogi, Xmas Curry and Grotto. Looking at belay set ups, stance management, gear, abseils, hoists, escaping the system, direct belays, leading tips and use of magic plates the day was busy.  But it was grand hanging out in the sun.

The other teams also got plenty done with an assortment of topics covered. Everyone was quite upbeat having packed a lot into the day and a gained good dose of the sun.

Sunday evening I start a Walking Group Leader Assessment that I am directing for Blue Peris Mountain Centre.

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