Saturday, 7 January 2012

Get Sharp, Stay Sharp

Be great to think I meant from actual climbing.

Over the years I have often been asked the question off my clients, can you sharpen your own picks ?  how do you sharpen your own picks ?  is it hard to sharpen them ?

I even got asked those questions last week.

So I thought , there could be a useful blog piece to fill in the gaps between climbing. Anyway I am glad to say Andy Turner thought the same, which has saved me all the work. Nice one Andy.

So if your interested in pick sharpening then   visit Andys Blog

For me a good file and a small vice to hold the axes makes a great difference.

However, I am not always that good at following my own advice as you can see from my turfy / mixed picks at the end of last season. The top  pick being only 2 seasons old.  I have to say the picks in my mixed and ice axes were a lot better. However, the pics below certainly did the job and all that sharpening every time I had been out, far to much hassle, so often left it to the next time, then the next time !

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