Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Dawn of a New Ice Age

Now you might feel I am getting carried away with the recent snow fall and lowering of temps. Well,  it does look like it may be the first good spell of what could be classed winter conditions this year and it is worth getting a little psyched up.

However, what I am referring to is the video clip contained within this link.

DMM will proudly be showcasing their new ‘all mountain’ range of ice axes at ISPO Munich 2012, 29th January – 1st February. The five axes include the perfect winter walking axe right through to the ultimate full-strength leashless technical tool.

Alongside this, a new range of cams and other exciting goods. Well they have been busy in that factory of theirs.

Once you get to see their new range you will be well impressed and wishing for an upgrade.

In view of conditions today, their has been low cloud and it has been raining on / off most of the day, so if the forecast is correct their will be more snow falling higher up. Seems warmer today which is a good thing at this stage. 

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