Friday, 25 May 2012

Training for the AMI

Last weekend, not only were the crags dry, but I had the pleasure of working on two AMI (Association of Mountaineering Instructors) trainee members’ workshops. 

The students attending the courses are in prep for their MIA award (Mountaineering Instructors Award). This award is the UK’s professional and industry standard for teaching rock climbing within the UK.

The weekend was focused on teaching multi-pitch climbing and moving efficiently with clients.
Day one we visited the Milestone Buttress. The day was focused on teaching stance organisation, progression of teaching, matching clients’ ability to opportunities available on the crag, descending, teaching students descending skills and traversing easy ground.
The students never let up with their questioning and I think it is fair to say the day ended with everyone having many questions answered.

Day two we visited Tremadog,  giving easy access to routes in order to get more climbing achieved. The plan for the day was to use VS 4C ground in view of taking clients climbing, still introducing certain teaching skills, but with the emphasis on moving as quick and efficient as possible. 

Routes such as the Brothers gave the trainee members some thought provoking stances to arrange. The day also encompassed descending skills again and looking at the often forgotten skill of looking after clients on path/scramble descents.

The weekend was topped off with a visit the Eric’s as always.

The AMI has trainee workshops running from April until October each year. They prove a very valuable resource where trainees can share knowledge, practice skills with like mined people and gain some first hand advice. 

With all aspects of AMI,  the sponsorship from Mountain Equipment and DMM is very valuable to the association and it is great to see students supporting both these companies within their equipment purchase. Some nice new looking kit last weekend.

Finally, every now and then I have to take a peep. I just never know what to expect. It is not just the fact there is a DMM link here, it is the fact the chap is, talented, passionate, dead keen, bold and down to earth. It really pi!!!!! me off,  always a great read and some bloody great tick somewhere.

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