Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hacked Off

Welcome back.

I am very sorry for the lack of posts over the last 2 months. It was due to the blog being hacked and not being able to get the password re-set.

Finally,  I have managed to sort the issue out which means I can access the blog again.

When I last posted winter was over. Well that is what I thought. Then the end of March we had a large dump of snow, biggest dump all winter.

There was enough snow to ski from Bethesda up onto the tops and back again. No climbing to note but snow around for a week or so.

You would think it would all be summer summer here we come ? but today another thin layer of snow above 800m and it is the middle of May. A real mixed bag the last 4 months.

So the winter here in North Wales seemed a disappointment for most. I thought the 6 days I had booked into the CIC hut at the end of March would give me a great time up North. The fact I never even went tells you, if your were not aware already,  that by that time winter was well and truly over.

My Welsh winter season was not all bad. I managed 4 days out and in that time I managed 5 winter ascents of rock routes which had not seen a winter ascent and added 2 more new mixed routes in the Carneddau. I also got to check out Andy Turner's new bright blue Mountain Equipment gortex trousers. In such high demand,  these sold out very quickly. They are the new black.

There were more days that I could have climbed this winter but those days never tied in with my time off. Belive it or not Cascade had an ascent.

Finally I leave you with Ray's great invention

Every considered how strong those DMM cams are ?

Worried about those cams failing once you fall ?

Never fallen on a cam?

Fear not, check this link out and let the peace be with you.