Tuesday, 27 November 2012

lowest snow so far

Monday overnight gave snow fall down to 600m and today it was a lot colder.

With temps down to freezing at 500-600m for next few days and at times lower this could be the sign of the mixed action. With the ground so wet,  once that freezes it will be quality turf .

With not a thick covering of snow, which is a good thing, that turf etc has a chance of being frozen.

On the summits on Sunday the puddles were frozen over.

Check out this link

On the 16th November British alpinists Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey made what is probably the 2nd ascent ofPlein Sud (900m, VI, WI4+/5R, M6+) up the wild South Face of the Grandes Jorasses.

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Unknown said...

Baggy - it was mint on Clogwyn du today. very few people on it though. Rocio and Rob ticked Blenderhead and me and Neil griffiths ticked Taversty. Good day. fingers x'd it stays.

Dave Garry.