Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The wait is over and the result is Fantastic

The new slate guide to North Wales arrived a few weeks ago and sold out. But fear not, this was just the advanced batch. The main batch arrives very soon. So if it is on your wish list I would not leave it until next spring/summer as it might well be sold out again.

The book has gone down a storm, with many climbers saying this is one of the best guide books to hit the shelves.

Like all guides, it is the work of many climbers who devote their keenness and enthusiasm to help contribute to a books success. However, in the end the, author is the one who pulls it all together and makes a book what it is.

Yes, I may be saying this, as Simon Panton of Ground Up, the author of this guide is a friend and also the co - author of North Wales Winter Climbs with me. All I would say is go and pick up a copy and see for yourself.

Its the same for the Climbers Club Tremadog guide which has also hit the shelves in the last 12 months. Another great job and great book to have.

I have heard rumours of climbers saying how expensive climbing guides are becoming. All I would say, is look at what you get for your money, how long it will last then divide the cost of the book with the entrance fee to your local wall .

The book is an A5 format publication with 376 pages for you to drool over.
After years of neglect the slate quarries of Llanberis have come alive again. A comprehensive re-equipping campaign, coupled with a frenzy of new routing activity has seen the once quiet levels of this vast rock playground buzzing with activity.

Over 200 new routes have been added since the last guide was published. Crucially, much of this new development has occurred at accessible sport grades. Once upon a time slate was reserved exclusively for the elite, but now it is open to all climbers, regardless of their ability or experience.

All tastes are catered for in the quarries, from classic traditional routes such as Comes the Dervish or the magnificent Quarryman Wall routes in Twll Mawr, through the full range of sport climbs running from friendly F4s right up to desperate F8bs.

To purchase the guide on line, from V12 follow the link

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