Monday, 22 March 2010

The end, its been emotional, and the big interview to finish this amazing season.

Well folks

Its all over. Yep there is a bit of snow around, but the season is really over.


The amount of routes done this winter, the buzz , the crack, the scene, the banter, the reports, yes those bloody reports.

You lot have truly kept me busy this year. But hey its been worth it.

I really need a rest and this is the last post of this season.

To think I did my first route back in November, not sure if I could carry on. Never thought I would say that !!!

I truly thank you all for all your enthusiasm and commitment.

I cannot thank you all personally as the list is so long, but A HUGH thanks must go to

Tim Jepson
Tim Neil

for the vast amount of reports, days out and enthusiasm to the blog and Welsh Winter. Bastards kept me on my toes all season

See you all next November, take it easy, get training, and thanks again. Baggy


I felt privileged to be able to interview the enchanted and gorgeous Esme Neil.

Esme is the long suffering daughter of Tim Neil. A very astute young lass with cracking looks, taking after her mother Lou , Eseme kindly offered me her insight to the Welsh Winter.

My time with her was lovely and I cannot thank her enough. Read and enjoy.

Q -What is your view on Tim's desire to climb every ice/snow route in the UK and in particular North Wales.

A- I do struggle to see the attraction at times, I mean one route is like the next, is it not ? , but when Tim comes bounding through the door and I see the smile on his face I suppose there must be some attraction.

Q-What do you make to all these grades.

A- Again fuss over nothing. I feel that in a few years time anyone will be climbing grade VIII . I mean its no big deal. Most of the grades are all easy anyway.

Q - Its a bit of a hub your place at times, vagrants just turning up at the door.

A - I quite like that, I mean some of Tim's mates are quite spicy. Take that Bullock chap, good body, good looks, if only I was a few years younger. That Toby Kepp is quite cute, but he is spoken for. All these men. Often when Tim's out my mom and I discuss which man we would like to turn up at the door.

Q - Talking of mates are they all climbers.

A - Mainly, but while Dad was away I had a night on the town with all the paddlers form PYB. What a night that was. Must do it again. Not sure if my Dad would approve, but that Catterall lad had is eye on me, tasty.

Q - Is climbing your first love

A - No way, I mean why would it be. Fuss over nothing. I am keen to have my own horse, Yacht, and fancy more kayaking and diving in the med. Oh and a nice Villa in Paris.

Q - Give me a pet hate of the Welsh Winter

A - All those guides and climbing mags my dad has all over the hse, always reading, on the phone on the net. What is it with snow.

Q- How has your winter been.

A - Very relaxed, plenty of attention, lots of gifts, mom has been an star, so has dad really, mind you a few upset stomachs, not sure why oh and plenty of wind. A really good first season.

It was obvious that Eseme would love to carry on the interview, but I had to leave, so just one last question from me.

Q - Who do you has been the biggest influence on your dad this season.

A - No hesitation, that Baggy Chap.

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