Saturday, 14 February 2015

What a difference a week makes

So a week on and the bad news is we went from stellar weather with good conditions back to very little snow and at the time of this post a damp and overcast day.

The reason I know it is damp and overcast is that the following facility is a really good source of information. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team have a base in the Ogwen Valley and they have a web cam which faces Tryfan and Y Garn. This gives a real time picture of the weather.

Follow the link

Whilst on the topic of rescue teams, can I ask you to consider that if you get the opportunity over the next few months or even into summer, to make a donation. I think we all realise what an excellent resource we have available and it is free. Winter time , more than often, is the time we may be faced with the decision to make the call. 

Even a few £'s is enough to help the Ogwen Team sustain their service link They covered 117 rescues in 2014.

Or you may consider the Llanberis Teamlink They cover Snowdon and last year received 184 calls for help.

So between the two teams that is a total of 301 call outs.  

If your a reader of the blog and new to winter or have limited experience either winter walking or winter clilmbing then please consider your experience and what equipment you have. There has been a spate of rescues this winter, many resulting in poorly equipped people with little or no knowledge or people with all the gear, who have not been able to consolidate their experience. So if you have been meaning to get that piece of kit or that extra training and instruction but not got round to it or thought the money may be better spent elsewhere then may re-consider. 

We all wish to enjoy the mountains and climbs at this time of year, but being prepared not only makes your day more enjoyable and less stressful, it can result in you not suffering any physical harm and putting family and friends under mental stress. It also helps keep local rescue teams fresh,  helps saves their funds and means you get back down in one piece. 


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